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The River had taken Boromir son of Denethor, and he was not seen again inMinas Tirith, standing as he used to stand upon the White Tower in the morning.  But Gondor in the after-days it long was said that the elven-boat rode the falls and the foaming pool, and bore him down through Osgiliath, and past the many mouths of Anduin, out into the Great Sea at night under the stars.

For a while the three companions remained silent, gazing after him.  Then Aragorn spoke, ‘They will look for him from the White Tower,’ he said, ‘but he will not return from mountain or from sea.’  Then slowly he began to sing:

Through Rohan over fen and field where the long grass
The West Wind comes walking, and about the walls it
‘What news from the West, O wandering wind, do you
bring to me tonight?
Have you seen Boromir the Tall by moon or by starlight?’
‘I saw him ride over seven streams, over waters wide
and grey;
I saw him walk in empty lands, until he passed away
Into the shadows of the North. I saw him then no more.
The North Wind may have heard the horn of the son of
‘O Boromir! From the high walls westward I looked
But you came not from the empty lands where no men

Then Legolas Sang:

From the mouths of the Sea the South Wind flies, from
the sandhills and the stones;
The wailing of the gulls it bears, and at the gate it
‘What news from the South, O sighing wind, do you bring
to me at eve?
Where now is Boromir the Fair? He tarries and I grieve.’
‘Ask not of me where he doth dwell — so many bones
there lie
On the white shores and the dark shores under the
stormy sky;
So many have passed down Anduin to find the flowing
Ask of the North Wind news of them the North Wind
sends to me!’
‘O Boromir! Beyond the gate the seaward road runs
But you came not with the ailing gulls from the grey
sea’s mouth.’

Then Aragorn sang again:

From the Gate of Kings the North Wind rides, and past
the roaring falls;
And clear and cold about the tower its loud horn calls.
‘What news from the North, O mighty wind, do you
bring to me today?
What news of Boromir the Bold? For he is long away.’
‘Beneath Amon Hen I heard his cry. There many foes he
His cloven shield, his broken sword, they do the water
His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid
to rest;
And Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, bore him upon its
‘O Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward
To Rauros, golden Rauros-falls, until the end of days.’

So they ended.

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4/9 of the Fellowship

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.42.08 PM

I have not made each Fellowship member.  I plan on making others in the future, but for now here are 4 of the Fellowship of the Ring members.


Here we have Frodo Baggins: Innocent Hobbit of the Shire, heir to Bag End.  Swept off on a journey to destroy The One Ring.  You know the story…


Next, we have Boromir.  Ah yes, one of my favorite characters.  And why not?


And now, Merry, and below him lies Pippin…literally.


“Fool of a Took…”

These little fellows are made from felt.  As for their hair, my sister found it and used it for another project a few years ago.  It was in the “Edgings aisle” at a local craft store.  I was so excited to have it for my Hobbits and Boromir, otherwise I would have had to stitch on their hair, or perhaps use yarn…

The book in their background is a Tolkien Dictionary.  I thought it would go well with the pictures.

Elrond: Nine companions…so be it! You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.

Pippin: Right! Where are we going?… …

Please do not copy or transmit any images or crafts without permission! Thank you for respecting the copyright, and have a great day!  🙂
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