25 Days and Counting!


Is anyone out there as excited as I am for NANOWRIMO to start? Well, if you are writing up ideas, re-writing up better ones, playing out scenes in your head as you’re trying to sleep, spending all your spare time writing down more ideas—alright I almost have my whole book written down—HUH!—then yeah, you’re about as excited…

I cannot help it—it just excites me! The thought of all that writing, who knows how many people across the world spending November writing down their own personal stories.  But when I am through thinking of all that part, I think of my own story.

Last year was my first year participating.  I reached my word-count goal, which was about 40,000—(I even went over it a bit).  Anyway, just for fun, I tested out theWord-Count Goal Calculator to see what it said my word count could be…it said 171,360… Not really what I had in mind, but whatever.  (Not that I wouldn’t love to write a novel with 171,360 words, but I just don’t see it working out very well.)

So anyway, if you are a novel-writing lover like myself, feel free to leave comments on your experiences! Do any of you know yet what your novel shall be about, or do to just wing it when November 1st hits?

(drawing above is of the main character for my novel: artwork by me)

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4 thoughts on “25 Days and Counting!

  1. Hallo! Well, I do get excited thinking about all that writing too! (a whole month of writing? Wheeee!!) I’m not sure what I’m going to write about this time- hopefully it’ll have GIs in it?)
    kind of scary! I don’t want to just wing it, and hopefully will have got a plot figured out by then…
    But it’s going to be fun, eh?! Yessir! Also, I much like your picture, it’s great!

    • Hullo, Mary Rose! A book with GIs would be nifty—and I know the pictures would be spectacular! It’s nice sometimes getting early ideas, but then you have to wait forever to finally write the book. (I’ve been planning this one for almost a year now.) It certainly shall be of fun! Thank you for saying you like my picture and thanks for the comment!

      Keep writing!

  2. I’ve done NaNo three years, but only finished the first time. For this first novel I had characters, plot, and chapter outline beforehand, which I can tell you was handy! The second year’s story got 28,000 words, and I think it failed because I was winging it that time and had little idea of plot. Plus, the point of the story was kind of getting lost. Plus, it was getting really unhistorically accurate. And then this character wouldn’t act as planned… The third year (last year), I had a whole lot of characters and a plot, but I was drowning in lack of research. The great problem is if you only care to write historical fiction. I have just about no ideas for a story this year, but I wish I did ’cause its so thrilling to write stuff… Oh, bother. If only I could rescue last year’s story. Well, I hope you update us on how your story goes! Your character looks so interesting. What’s his name?

    • Good day, Lydia! I agree, prep beforehand is very handy! (I did not do it very well last year…) And I know the feeling of points being lost and all that…and don’t even get me started on a character who is not acting as planned. Ug… Research is difficult; I can tell you most of it was hard for this story, and I feel I’ve failed in some ways.. but there is still time to get in more research before November. It would be nice if you could rescue you last story.
      I will definitely be updating! And this fellow is named, Broderick.(One of the little lads on the ATC sent your way!)

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